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As I had a broad experience working with Dr Obagi’s team in the Middle East, I discovered through times how effective this medical-grade skincare is effective and provide its promises. I have decided then to provide all the secrets and benefits of this medical brand to my patients in my clinic.

That’s why I decided to release initially the OBAGI SIGNATURE FACIAL!

These Facials consist of Protocols that will enhance your facial experience. After a medical skin consultation, we will be able to select the best OBAGI products that suit your needs and skin condition.

Included protocols:

  • Acne Express Facial
  • Age-defying Facial
  • Antioxidant Force Field Facial
  • Blue Peel Radiance Facial

Acne Express Facial:
It is intended for patients who suffer from Acne or have oily skin which is prone to breakouts.

The Acne Express Protocol is a 30-minute hands-on facial session suitable for once-weekly application that will control your skin sebum secretion and reduce breakouts

It is recommended to be done in a 4-6 session series with a 1-week interval between each session

Age-Defying Facial:
The OBAGI Age Defying Facial is intended for patients who have fine lines, wrinkles and would like firmer skin.

The rejuvenating and replenishing facial experience is perfect for those with ageing skin concerns.

The OBAGI Age Defying Facial protocol is a 50-minute hands-on facial session and we assure you that after the first session you will feel the difference

Antioxidant Force Field Facial:
OBAGI facials provide customised experiences with impactful, targeted treatments to exfoliate, refresh and revitalise the appearance of your skin.

The OBAGI Antioxidant Force Field Facial is intended for patients with previous visible damage who are interested in taking the first step to fortifying the skin’s natural defence against future environmental assaults.

This antioxidant facial is perfect for those with photodamage. It is a 50 minute hands-on facial session

The Famous Blue Peel Radiance Facial:

The OBAGI Blue Peel RADIANCE Protocol is a 30 minutes hands-on procedure.

The Radiance Peel is a combination of Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid and Calming ingredients such as Willow Bark and Liquorice root. This gentle peel works by loosening cells on the top layers of the outermost epidermal layer, allowing for better peeling and exfoliation of the skin. This increased exfoliation increases the turnover rate of the epidermal cells, resulting in smoother, healthier-looking skin. This peel also has an antimicrobial (an agent that kills microorganisms or inhibits their growth) effect on the dermis, making it highly effective for acne.

Anyone who struggles with

  • Pigmentation
  • Acne
  • Congestion
  • Mild to moderate sun damage
  • Rough skin texture
  • Enlarged pores
  • Oily skin

would definitely benefit from this peel

A thorough medical skin consultation should be considered before starting this protocol

Now in September!

Back to school, Back to work, New Season coming up, New beginnings and New hope…

But ALSO My Month!

For this, I decided to spoil you all over September with weekly offers, and a great Give away coming up on the 24th

For a fresh start what better than trying Medical Grade Facial, one of OBAGI Signature Facial!

Specially customized for your skin after a thorough consultation and skin analysis, it gives your skin a total workout, and you instantly feel refreshed with a complexion that look youthful. All of these while targeting your major skin problem

Done or supervised by me, you will be sure to have a great experience and will become addicted to from the first session.

Each of these facials costs 85 pounds RRP per session (minimum of 4 sessions advised) , and available now at a discounted price of 250 pounds for 4 sessions instead of 340, with a special gift included just for you: the OBAGI professional C serum valued at 75 pounds, for free with the bundle! A TOTAL SAVING OF 165 POUNDS FOR MEDICAL GRADE FACIAL!!!

For further information, contact us via WhatsApp on:

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