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Polynucleotide is an innovative new aesthetic treatment which uses DNA fragments to bio-stimulate tissue regeneration. 

It stimulates Fibroblasts and by stimulating fibroblasts, polynucleotides boost collagen production, improve elasticity and increase hydration.

They also reduces inflammation and rebalance melanocyte or pigments forming cells activity to create a more even and refreshed skin tone.
Polynucleotides have a proven safety and efficacy profile with high tolerability and low risk of adverse events, supported by extensive clinical data which makes it one of the best treatments to have till date.

Advantage and Features

Best Results

Achieved after 3 sessions

Duration of Results

6 Months

Procedure Time

30-60 minutes

Aesthetic Practitioner

Medically qualified GMC
registered doctor


Topical numbing cream is applied to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.



Back to Work

Same day

Risks and Complications



from £375 Per Session


Frequently Asked Questions

Polynucleotides are exceptionally versatile. They can be used to treat both body and face, including necks, décolletage, the delicate eye area, back of hands, abdomen, thighs, knees, arms, stretch marks across the body.

Polynucleotides can also help with
lumpy or sunken scars,
acne scarring,
general signs of facial ageing,
eyebrow and scalp hair loss.
They can also be used to help address post menopause vaginal concerns. Polynucleotides have moisturising and antioxidant properties which create an optimal environment within your skin to promote the natural growth of fibroblasts, which produce collagen and elastin.

They can enhance hydration, tissue elasticity and tightness and help rejuvenate the skin.

Cells in our body are home to genetic material which are responsible for giving instructions needed for our organism to survive and reproduce. Our genetic material is formed of RNA and DNA and Both are made up of subunits called nucleotides.

Polynucleotides are therefore molecule composed of many nucleotide units. Now Fibroblasts are a type of cell in connective tissues that produce collagen and help maintain the structural framework of tissues.
As we age, the function of Fibroblast reduces, leading to decrease in collagen production leading to wrinkles and skin laxity.

When injected into the skin, polynucleotides allow more fibroblasts to be regenerated , stimulated and produce more collagen.

3 treatments are recommended, 3 weeks apart for best results.
Maintenance recommended every 9 months.

Polynucleotide IS not limited to a single purpose – instead, it’s a comprehensive, adaptable treatment that can address a wide array of skin concerns.
Whether you’re bothered by under-eye lines, dark circles, under-eye hollows, or deep-seated facial wrinkles and creases, Polynucleotide treatment can yield transformative results.
Even if you’re grappling with skin damage, such as scarring and stretch marks, Polynucleotide therapy can help.
By stimulating your skin’s natural healing mechanisms, this treatment promotes the repair of damaged tissues and improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks.
Furthermore, if your skin has lost its natural radiance due to stress, ageing, or environmental factors, Polynucleotide therapy could offer the rejuvenating boost you’ve been seeking.
In short, this breakthrough therapy can effectively restore skin health, enhance your overall appearance, and bolster your self-esteem, making it an ideal solution for a multitude of skin concerns. It’s a treatment designed not only to address specific skin issues but also to uplift your entire aesthetic profile.

Polynucleotide therapy works with your body, not against it.
As a result, the timing and extent of visible results can vary from person to person, depending on factors like your skin’s current condition and your body’s response to treatment.

However, many patients notice an improvement in their skin’s radiance and texture almost immediately after the treatment. This initial change is often a hint of the more significant transformation to come.
As the Polynucleotide therapy continues to stimulate your skin’s own youth-enhancing mechanisms, you’ll see more pronounced results over time.
Clinical studies on Polynucleotide therapy highlight its impressive impact on skin health and aesthetics. These studies report a 47% increase in collagen production just 23 days post-treatment. As you may know, collagen is a critical protein in your skin that promotes firmness and elasticity, so this collagen boost translates into visibly smoother and younger-looking skin.
Moreover, after 20 weeks, the studies found that skin hydration had improved by a staggering 115%, and elasticity had increased by 38%. These metrics are a testament to the comprehensive benefits of Polynucleotide therapy – not only does it enhance your skin’s structure and appearance, but it also bolsters its overall health and function.

The most common side effects of radiofrequency micro-needling are temporary and include:

Redness and swelling

Bruising and tenderness

Dryness and flaking

After the treatment, you may experience some redness and swelling, which should resolve within a few hours to a couple of days.
It is important to avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen for the first week following the treatment.

The longevity of Polynucleotide therapy results is one of its most compelling aspects and general observations suggest that the most noticeable changes become visible in the 9 months following treatment.
The Polynucleotide therapy works by activating your skin’s natural regenerative processes, leading to long-term improvements in skin health and aesthetics.
However, the results are not permanent, as the skin continues to age naturally. To maintain and enhance these results, Dr Wafaa recommend scheduling follow-up treatments based on your skin’s needs and your aesthetic goals.
Repeated treatments allow the Polynucleotides to continually stimulate your skin’s healing and rejuvenation processes, leading to more pronounced and sustained improvements.
With Polynucleotide therapy, you’re not just investing in a one-time aesthetic treatment. You’re investing in long-term skin health and enhancement, empowering you to face the future with confidence and radiance.

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