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Jawline Slimming Treatment

Jawline slimming treatment can be used to change the size and shape of an overly square jaw, creating a narrower appearance to the lower face.

In some patients, the jaw muscle (masseter muscle) is enlarged creating a wider and squarer facial appearance.

Anti wrinkles injections can be injected into the jawline muscle to weaken it over time leading to a reduction in the size of the muscle and creating a narrower looking jawline.

 Not only is this treatment able to change the shape of the face but can also be used to treat medical conditions such as Bruxism and protect teeth.

Advantage and Features

Best Results

Achieved after 1 treatment

Duration of Results

3-4 months

Procedure Time

20 minutes

Aesthetic Practitioner

Medically qualified GMC
registered doctor


Not required


Immediate recovery

Back to Work

Back to work the same day

Risks and Complications

Low to moderate


from £400


Frequently Asked Questions

This jawline slimming technique reduces the flare and width of a wide jawline. Reducing the appearance of a wide jawline can help establish improved facial harmony and thereby elevate one’s attractiveness. In particular, some races like Asians tend to have a stronger masseter muscle (chewing muscle) and a wider outer face.

The jaw reduction procedure can be undertaken to create a more pleasing facial shape.

The most important criterion to decide if you are a good candidate is the thickness of your masseter muscle. The relative thickness of the masseter can be easily determined by biting down hard and feeling the outer jawline. If the muscle appears to be almost rock hard and enlarged in appearance when you clench your teeth, you may be a good candidate to have this procedure done.

Dr Wafaa has performed this procedure in men and women and in most different races. Another important aspect to investigate relates to your habits that may predispose you to have a larger masseteric muscle and flared jawline. Excessive and frequent gum chewing can accentuate the size of the masseter over time. Also, chewing hard items like ice, cuttlefish, or other dried items may lead to an enlarged masseter muscle. You may not know it, but you may be grinding your teeth (known as bruxism) that can also lead to a larger masseter as well. If you suspect this condition (sore jaws in the morning, painful or worn down teeth or TMJ pain/clicking), you should also consider seeking dental consultation.

Botulinum toxin type A weakens the injected muscle over time, which leads in turn to a reduction in the overall size. Dr Wafaa focuses precisely where the three heads of the muscle overlap (for maximal effect), which happens to correspond with where the muscle inserts into the bone. By reducing the muscle at the point of attachment to the bone, the bone can also reduce overtime giving longer-lasting results without compromise to the strength of the bone. The aesthetic effect of jawline slimming procedure is only truly appreciated in the right candidate.

No. Dr.Wafaa has a specialized method of injection that virtually eliminates all discomfort without the need for an anaesthetic.

There really is no recovery period. Dr Wafaa has not witnessed bruising or significant swelling with his technique. You are done in 2 to 3 minutes as an office procedure and can then drive home thereafter. There really are no restrictions in your activity thereafter.

Unlike treatment of wrinkles of the upper face with results that can be evident in approximately 7 to 10 days following treatment and lasts about 3 to 4 months in time, injections of anti wrinkles treatment in the masseter takes about 6 weeks before you see the difference and will last typically between 6 months to a year and a half. However, at the end of the first week, you may notice that your jawline feels a lot softer when you bite down and feel it.

Although some Korean researchers have claimed that the procedure is permanent after 2 to 3 injection cycles, Dr Wafaa does not want to make such promises, as the treatment really should be considered a temporary product. That being said, typically Dr Wafaa recommends a second session at 6 months following the first injection in order to effect the reduction in bone and muscle bulk to attempt at greater longevity and thereafter start to spread dosing intervals out 9 months, then possibly 12-month intervals.

Although very popular with Asian patients, the masseter treatment and jawline slimming  is suitable for anyone who would like to slim down the lower third of their face. Many patients think their faces are too round or too square and would like it slimming.

Masseter injections are also good for patients who have bruxism, which is a problem with excessive jaw clenching.

Anti wrinkles injections in this area feminises the face so it appears more soft and attractive.

Side effects for jawline slimming treatment are very uncommon, but can include bruising and headache.

Other complications may include patient requiring further treatment for uneven or asymmetry or problems with smiling.

These complications are very rare with good injection technique and experienced injectors like Dr Wafaa.

Masseter muscle injections for jawline slimming is probably the least painful treatment we perform at our clinic in Reading.

However offer many options for pain relief eg ice, topical numbing cream,vibrator.

But with masseter treatment, all patients just choose to have ice because it is so easy and quick and involves minimal pain or discomfort.

Although uncommon, bruising is a possibility with masseter injections.

Most patients are happy to go straight back to work after treatment as there is no downtime.

No,You don’t have to continue with treatments, but most patients will love the results and will want to continue the treatments.

 If you do not continue with treatments, the masseters will grow again over time and the squarer jawline will reappear.

After the first jawline slimming treatment, the patient attends a review appointment in 4-6 weeks. If at the review appointment, the desired results haven’t been achieved, more injections are recommended on this day.

If the desired results have been achieved at this appointment, then the patient should be seen every 3-4 months for 2 years.

Following this, the patient goes onto a maintenance phase, which for some patients is a significantly lower dose.

Once the results are achieved, treatment should be approximately every 3-4 months .

However After 2 years of treatments, dose is slowly reduced to see if a lower maintenance dose can be used.

Often a smaller dose will be required every 4 months

Cost varies depending on the size of the patient’s masseters, their age, gender and what level of results they would like to achieve.

The typical cost is  £400

Additional £50 can be incurred if further doses is required at 4-6 weeks

With maintenance treatments (ie after patient has been having regular treatments for 2 years), the aim is to reduce the amount of product used if possible.

Please see our price page for price of Jawline slimming treatment.

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