Virtual and In-Clinic Skin Consultations

Skin Consultations and Assessment

At Dr Wafaa Clinic, we offer full skin consultations to give you a detailed assessment of your skin & your skin’s health.

Many of us may have concerns about the appearance or condition of our skin. These can range from pigmentation, redness, ageing, skin clarity or general skin appearance.

Dr Wafaa El Mouhebb will complete the skin consultations personally. They are comprehensive and allow her to tailor specific regimes, treatments & care plans that will help improve your skin’s condition, reduce the signs of ageing & environmental damage and to help the overall aesthetic appearance of your skin.

After understanding your skin concerns and assessing your skin, Dr Wafaa El Mouhebb will prepare a personalised skincare regime using Dermatologist selected skincare products with clinically proven results.

Any adult who has concerns about the general appearance or condition of their skin would benefit from a skincare consultation.

Dr Wafaa Clinic also now offer virtual skin assessment and consultations, where you will be able to have and experience the benefits of skin consultations as if in the clinic! A detailed, comprehensive skin assessment done while you are in the comfort of your home. Any treatment prescribed will be delivered to your door wherever you are in the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr Wafaa will meet with you wether in Clinic or virtually to understand your concerns and skincare goals. She will carry out an assessment going through your skin problem, your lifestyle, your expectations and compliance to Skin care.

A personalised skincare plan will then be recommended based on your skin type and problem areas. Within this plan, dermatologist selected skincare products will be recommended which may include prescription products.She recommend skincare products with clinically proven ingredients  as Obagi, and ZO . She will explain how these are used, including special instructions if you are having aesthetic or laser treatment.

Your personalised skincare consultation will last around 45 minutes. We recommend a review every 2 weeks initially  to make sure you are getting the best treatments.

You will get access to a Skin coaching where you will be followed up closely by Dr Wafaa Whenever you feel you want to by contacting her on watsapp. She will ensure to respond to all your queries on time and help you achieve the best results.

Everyone can have a skincare consultation. Some skincare products contain retinoids, so if you are pregnant or thinking of conceiving let Dr Wafaa know and she will tailor the skincare regime so as to avoid those products.

Prior to using any new skincare products you should always check that you aren’t allergic to the ingredients in the product. We recommend applying a small test patch either to the inner arm or behind the ear, to ensure you do not have an allergic reaction. As many of the skincare products Dr Wafaa recommend are medical-grade, they can result in peeling or redness of the skin, in which case you should reduce the frequency of use.

You will be advised on any special instructions for using the skincare products, or if you are having aesthetic treatments in conjunction with the skincare regime.

If your skincare regime includes topical Vitamin A products (including retinol or tretinoin) then you should ensure that you use a daily broad spectrum sunblock (SPF50+) and these products should be used only in the evening

Dr Wafaa’s skincare consultations are complimentary. If you wish to see her  for a complimentary skincare consultation, please book an appointment.Whether Virtual or Face to Face appointment, Dr Wafaa will look forward to welcome you.

Due to the current situation, and as skin health sometimes involve not only topical treatments, Dr Wafaa would be happy to assess you and offer a plan of treatment via the Virtual Clinic during the month of November!

skin consultations before skin consultations after

“Dr Wafaa has been so lovely and was patient and listened to all my concerns.She went through my normal routine and explained to me why I was using wrong products.She explained in details what would be the ideal treatment and advised me on some lifestyle changes that I need to implement to my life.I started her prescribed treatment and it was really a game changing process!!!Thank you Dr Wafaa!You are my Angel”

0% interest free finance cover available for up to 12 months for any treatment over £250 **

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