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Lip Flip Treatment

If you want to take your lip filler results to the next level, or you simply want to add a little flair to your lips, a  lip flip can enhance the appearance, shape, and fullness of your lips. 
We will inject small amounts of anti wrinkle treatment  into your orbicularis oris muscle situated just above your upper lip, causing the lip to curl slightly upwards.
This creates a more defined and full shape to the upper lip that doesn’t disappear when you smile. 
Additionally Lip flip  has also the added benefit of smoothing away any vertical lines that may develop around the lip.
On average, anti wrinkles lip enhancement results last up to 4 months.
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Advantage and Features

Best Results

Results start at 3 days, optimum at 2-3 weeks

Duration of Results

3 months

Procedure Time

15 minutes

Aesthetic Practitioner

Medically qualified GMC registered doctor




Immediate recovery

Back to Work

Back to work the same day

Risks and Complications

Low to moderate


From £200


Frequently Asked Questions

This procedure uses anti wrinkles  to relax the muscles of the upper lip. After being injected with a low dosage, the lip flips slightly upward. The administered doses are purposefully low to help you achieve subtle results while preserving lip movement.

Lip Fillers contain hyaluronic acid to give your lips volume once injected. In contrast, the lip flip focuses on repositioning and reshaping your lips without adding extra volume. That’s why Lip flips results are typically less noticeable and more natural-looking.

Yes! If you’re self-conscious about having your gums on display when you smile, a lip flip can correct the lip from curling inward .

The best lip flip patients have realistic expectations about their procedure and potential results as the results of a lip flip are subtle and natural. Lip fillers are probably a better choice if you are hoping for more dramatic volume.

Lip flip is a cosmetic enhancement and the suitability will depend on the desired look and outcome the patient feels is best for their smile. However, you might be a candidate for lip flip if: • You want more of a “pout” with out the volume of a dermal filler • Want something that is temporary • You want more full lips but do not want dermal filler volume • Your upper lip dissapears when you smile

Your fuller lip results will appear within 10 days and last for roughly 8 to 10 weeks. At that point, we encourage you to see us again for another lip flip treatment.

Yes! Many patients opt for a holistic approach to addressing lost lip volume and shape. When used in combination, lip flip can address the lack of lip while smiling and lip filler can enhance the volume and shape of the lips.

While you may experience some minor swelling or bruising at the injection site, This procedure carries minimal side effects. After your treatment, you can immediately return to your normal activities.

If the cupids bow or top lip is injected with too many units complications such as: • Closing the mouth • Eating • Drinking • Dribbling • Asymmetric Smile • Puckering

Dr Wafaa have been injecting and perfecting lips since 2012. The cost of  Lip Flip which is £200

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