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Full Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

With our full facial rejuvenation, Dr Wafaa’s mastered a unique technique and a skilful eye to determine which areas of the face would benefit most from a structural rejuvenation.

During ageing, our skin thins and loses volume as our own collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin gradually diminish. Other external factors like sun damage and smoking also accelerate this process.

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Advantage and Features

Best Results

Immediate and continued/optimal improvements seen after 7 days

Duration of Results

18 months- 2 years. Results vary between individuals

Procedure Time

1 hour

Aesthetic Practitioner

Medically qualified GMC registered doctor


Topical Anaesthetic cream


Mild swelling and bruising for 5-7 days

Back to Work

Back to work the same day

Risks and Complications

None to mild


Determined after consultation


Frequently Asked Questions

Dermal fillers can be injected safely to help hydrate, lift, volumise and restore lost volume in certain areas of the face, resulting in a more refreshed youthful appearance. Anti-wrinkle treatment can also be injected to help relax certain muscles, which in turn helps smooth and soften wrinkles, giving you a more rested healthy appearance.

Dr Wafaa’s mastered a unique technique and a skillful eye to determine which areas of the face would benefit most from a structural rejuvenation.

This treatment is often referred to as the Liquid face-lift or non-surgical facelift, where dermal fillers of different densities are precisely placed in specific areas of the face for maximum lifting capacity. Results last typically longer than other dermal filler procedures, with patients only needing to return for minimal maintenance.

In the week before the treatment, avoid taking aspirin (unless prescribed by a doctor), ibuprofen, vitamin E and fish oil supplements as these may increase bleeding and bruising.

Kindly ensure to inform us of any prescription medication you are taking.

As with most treatments where injections are involved, typical side effects of full facial rejuvenationinclude mild swelling and bruising for 5 – 7  days. But, these should only last for a few days.

Full facial rejuvenation can be used to traet the whole face and neck, fine lines, tired skin or dull skin. Crepey and lax skin.

dr Wafaa reviews patient and plans her treatment

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