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The Dr Wafaa Clinic offers microneedling treatments combined with super skin-boosting PRP. Our carefully tailored approach considers your skin type, tone and condition. This means we can work with any skin concerns and help you get your natural glow back.

Is it possible to recapture a natural youthful glow without surgery? The answer is – Yes! Where more invasive treatments come with the risk of over-filling or over-freezing, non-surgical treatments simply make your skin live up to its own potential.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure, also known as collagen induction therapy. It stimulates skin cell turnover and collagen production, revealing young, glowing skin underneath.

The Dr Wafaa clinic recommends the popular Aquagold treatment, which uses a micro-infusion facial device. This is applied to the skin in a gentle stamping motion, delivering a tailored Aquagold cocktail directly into the skin. Skin boosters and hyaluronic acid and vitamins can be incorporated into this mix. The device creates thousands of micro-infusion sites, which can then be used to deliver skin-boosting PRP deep into the layers of the skin.

What is PRP?

PRP (Platelet – Rich Plasma) treatment is a natural way to improve the appearance of your skin. You are harnessing your body resource to improve your skin’s look and feel.

PRP involves taking a small sample of your blood and then spinning it in a special centrifuge to extract the platelet-rich plasma. This occurs naturally in your body and contains high concentrations of growth factors that have been shown to have anti-ageing properties.

PRP can be applied like a cream following microneedling treatment, using the tiny channels created by the procedure to stimulate collagen production. The carefully tailored mix combined with the unique growth factors contained in PRP provides a super boosting skin treatment that will give you the glow factor.

Microneedling combined with PRP can stimulate collagen, boost blood supply and improve the appearance of:

  • Acne scars
  • Scar revision
  • Fine lines and puffiness around the eye
  • Wrinkles and fine lines on neck and décolletage
  • Pigmentation and sun damage
  • Rejuvenation of lips
  • Enhances surgical results

PRP also harnesses your body’s natural healing properties, which often helps reduce redness following microneedling treatment.

What to expect during treatment

Microneedling and PRP combined treatment is a two-step procedure. The first step involves applying the Fine Touch™ micro-infusion facial device to the skin in a gentle stamping motion. It uses twenty hair-fine, 24-carat gold-plated needles to create thousands of micro-infusion sites and deliver a bespoke blend of fortifying ingredients. This usually takes around 30 minutes.

After taking your blood sample, our specialised centrifuge system will separate the red blood cells and create a layer of platelet-rich plasma. This usually takes around 20 minutes, and 1-2 vials are enough to treat the whole face and neck. PRP is then applied like a cream and is normally completed in 10 – 15 minutes, depending on the treated area.

Microneedling and PRP combined treatment is a simple procedure, but there are some things that you can do to prepare for your appointment to make the most of its benefits.

Before receiving PRP, patients should avoid the following:

  • Smoking for two weeks before the procedure and up to 72 hours after, as it hinders the healing process.
  • Painkillers such as ibuprofen and aspirin, up to 48 hours before the treatment.
  • Alcohol, up to 72 hours following PRP.

After treatment, it is also vital to avoid excessive exposure to the sun, as your skin will be healing. Apply SPF 50 sunscreen and refrain from sunbathing for at least 72 hours after.

Combined microneedling and PRP treatments are non-invasive and well-tolerated but may not be suitable if you:

  • are pregnant
  • use or recently used Accutane for acne
  • still have active acne resulting in new scarring
  • have certain skin conditions, such as facial eczema or rosacea
  • scar easily
  • have a history of poor wound healing
  • have undergone skin radiation in the last 12 months
  • have low platelet levels

The benefits of treatment are almost immediate, with very little recovery time. In areas where the skin is thin, light bruising can sometimes occur. Patients may experience redness around the injection site, but the addition of PRP works to actively heal the skin.

The treatment targets fine lines and wrinkles, smooths crow’s feet, refines pores and reduces pigmentation, acne scarring, and dryness. A noticeable improvement in tone, texture, boosted hydration, and luminosity delivers a glow that lasts up to 4 weeks.

Why should I choose the Dr Wafaa Clinic?

Dr Wafaa is an expert dermatologist in anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine. If you want to know more about combined PRP and microneedling treatments, please get in touch with the Dr Wafaa Clinic today. We are here to help you look and feel the most beautiful version of you.

Book a skin consultation with Dr Wafaa today for a tailor-made treatment to rejuvenate your skin and confidence.