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Gift Season?

Have an event coming up? A celebration? Or maybe a Birthday?

Wondering how to find the perfect (creative) gift for….

Your Mother

Who sends you multiple Instagram dm’s of amazing anti-aging treatment posts and no longer wants to use your hand-me-down products?

Your Sister, or BFF

Who is also a magician and always seems to make your favourite cleanser & mask disappear. She also keeps on mentioning the lip filler treatment you had and how she would like to have the same!

Your Brother/ Male Bestie

Who still, after multiple attempts, doesn’t understand the difference between a Serum and Moisturiser or even SPF!

Your Boyfriend/Fiance/Husband

Who steals your favourite night cleanser and moisturiser e-v-e-r-y night (I mean, don’t they know how much it costs?)

Your Girlfriend/Fiance/Wife/Partner

who you love so much and want to offer the best gift ever (yes, really!). She deserves it!

No matter who it is for, we’ve got you covered! We can create a bespoke gift voucher, personalised the way you want, that can be topped up with any amount you would like and that is redeemable against any treatment or skin care product at the clinic!

That way you are offering them the key to healthy, glorious skin and complexion.

Instead of offering a beauty gift set or an advent calendar, why don’t you offer them a voucher they can use toward what they need the most?

Interested? Just contact us via email at info@drwafaaclinic.com or call us on 07737803669 and we will do our best to create a voucher that you will like.

From Dr Wafaa with love.

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