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Medical grade Skincare or Cosmeceutical

With thousands of skincare products on the market claiming amazing results, which is best for your skin?

Let’s talk about the difference between cosmetic and cosmeceutical products and the difference they can really make to your skin

Medical grade skin care

Cosmeceutical skincare or Medical grade skincare is able to penetrate through the epidermis the superficial layer of the skin. Their active ingredients enable the products to pass through the epidermis and act deep within the dermis.

Cosmeceutical skincare is extremely results-driven and visible changes in the skin will be noticed within a few weeks. The Skin will appear deeply hydrated, brighter, more radiant, fine lines and wrinkles reduced. It will be more balanced and pigmentation and sun damage suppressed revealing younger and healthier skin appearance

Cosmetic skincare

On the opposite side, cosmetic skincare product can be bought without prescription or recommendation, from any beauty retailers and is applied to the skins outer surface. It can be considered as an OTC product. In addition, cosmeticals are not able to pass through the epidermis and through to the dermis, where the skin can make visible changes, because the active ingredients are not in the appropriate strength and composition that can cross effectively the skin barrier.

To be long term effective a product should treat all the layers of the skin, most importantly the dermis. The dermis is where fibroblasts are and where collagen and elastin are produced. Not reaching it, will give no result.

Cosmetic skincare can exfoliate, add fragrance and hydrate the surface of the skin, this can make the skin appear brighter and feel smoother but not treated properly.

Another difference between cosmetic and cosmeceuticals is where you can purchase them.

Backed by science, cosmeceuticals provide the most effective active ingredients for improving the skin and treating skin conditions. They are used by skin care professionals and can be purchased after recommendation/prescription from Medical skincare professionals.

In conclusion, Medical Grade Skincare is for those who want to take their skincare regime that one step further. At Dr Wafaa clinic we use the ZO Skin Health range and Obagi medical range and believe that both provide the best skincare products to treat skin imperfections and also reverse the effects of ageing.Products are only available upon consultation with Dr Wafaa. With her wide experience and training in Cosmetic dermatology, She will design a bespoke skincare regime for you taking into account your aims, expectations and skin.

You can book a consultation and take a step further for amazing skin!

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